new jQuery menu plugin

I’ve just released a non-stable-pre-release-version of my new menu plugin. It’s an addition to my clickMenu plugin, but having more features like menu creation through HTML markup.

Take a look at it here, if you want. :)

leviTip update -> 0.1.1

I’ve updated the leviTip plugin to version 0.1.1.
This is a bugfix release as it didn’t work with jQuery 1.2.2.

columnManager update -> 0.2.5

I’ve updated the columnManager plugin adding new features.

Take a look at the new version 0.2.5.

tableHover update -> 0.1.4

A new version of the tableHover jQuery plugin was just released, fixing a problem not highlighting the cells when clicking on child elements inside a cell.

Get it here.

columnManager update -> 0.2.4

Well, I guess one new version per day isn’t enough for the columnManager plugin, so here is the second one. ;)

This one fixes two bugs, so please update to version 0.2.4.

new plugin and updates for an old one

Firstly the old one: the columnManager plugin has got two minor feature-updates up to version 0.2.3.

The new plugin is called leviTip, which displays a tooltip when hovering/clicking over/on an element. It has no limitations on retrieving the tooltip content, as the plugin can be extended through user defined functions.

clickMenu update -> 0.1.6

The clickMenu plugin got updated again, fixing a minor bug.

Get it here.

tableHover update -> 0.1.3

The jQuery tableHover plugin got updated again to fix a bug (this time maybe even without introducing a new one ;P).

Get it here.

plugin updates

I’ve updated the tableHover (to v0.1.2) and columnManager (to 0.2.1) plugins, as two bugs somehow sneaked into them.

You should get the update if your’e using them, really. :)

clickMenu update -> 0.1.5

I’ve updated the script fixing some bugs and making it work with the new jquery 1.1.3.

Get it here.